Can you really do maths?

In this quiz you will be able to answer some easy and hard questions on maths, with a few extra random questions here and there. It is mostly algebra.

Find out if you are a true mathematising in this awesome academic quiz. Complete this 10 question quiz to find out!I wish you luck, and hope you do well.

Created by: Mee

  1. w+w = x✖️y = 8 ✖️ z. Z = 3. What is the lowest value of x+y?
  2. x+y= z squared what is the lowest value of y+z?
  3. i squared equals b. 100-b= 19. What is the value of i + b?
  4. Square root 7921, then add 11. What is the answer?
  5. Just to see if you are good at spelling too, which of these is the correct spelling?
  6. H x B = f squared. f squared equals g. If g squared is 10000, what is the value of f+g?
  7. Another random question, do penguins live in the Arctic.
  8. Easy one. kxkxkxkxk=3125. What is the value of k?
  9. True or false?31 is a composite number.
  10. Is 1 a prime number?

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Quiz topic: Can I really do maths?