Can You Guess Which Period is Correct?

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There are those on the net that have too much time on their hands and like to make quizzes. Sometimes, these people wonder about guessing games. And then they remember that there are things such as periods, question marks, and exclamation points. And then quizzes like these are born.

Back on track, do you think you have mad guessing game skills? You might not know yet, but continue onward. Today you will find out whether you will be victorious by guessing which period is "correct" or more important to me than any other period.

Created by: Dark22978

  1. The rules are simple. I'll present you with a period/dot, and you just pick one. Only one per group is the magical dot that will grant you victory. (This question will have no effect so pick whichever answer makes you happy.)
  2. Here we go.. Group #1 (ABC)
  3. Group #2 (DEF)
  4. Group #3 (GHI)
  5. Group #4 (JKL)
  6. Group #5 (MNO)
  7. Group #6 (PQR)
  8. Group #7 (STU)
  9. Group #8 (VWX)
  10. Group #9 (YZ)
  11. And now you must endure two more groups, because I care. (Again, this question should have no effect so pick whatever works for you).
  12. Group #10
  13. Group #11

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Quiz topic: Can I Guess Which Period is Correct?