Can You Be God?

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Welcome to this controversial quiz which is going to determine if you could be a god in the next few minutes. In this quiz, you might find everything unpleasant. Therefore, I've got to warn you: Proceed at your own risk.

The quiz contains twelve simple direct answer questions. At the end of the quiz, your results will be displayed based on your choices. Please go back. You are not supposed to take this quiz.

Created by: Jeeshan

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  1. Can you gather people who can praise you?
  2. How many followers do you have on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter?
  3. Do you have any skills that makes you outstanding than the rest?
  4. Can you understand human behavior? (Choose yes if you can understand -- even if it's in little quantity).
  5. Would you love to be immortal?
  6. Do you fear death?
  7. Can you withstand normal fights against common immortal beasts or Titans like Typhon, Kronos etc.?
  8. Will you bless people?
  9. Do you think you can be God?
  10. Finally, the answer is controversial. This quiz is controversial. It's up to your own risk. I'd recommend, don't click on Submit.. Unless you can accept the result.

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Quiz topic: Can I Be God?