Can u survive the Purge?

The purge. We all know it’s not safe for anyone. Yet you forget about the purge, and live in the city it will take place. Will you survive, or die and rot?

What is the purge? 12 hours of doing what ever you want. Nothing in the city is illegal for 12 hours. Now your in a crime city, the people closed barriers, and now you can’t get out.

Created by: Dandaman!
  1. Ok. Your at home watching T.V or doing what ever u want at home. You hear on your 📻 “The purge has now started.” “Oh shoot!” You say. You were supposed to be at another city with your family, but you forgot all about it! What would be the best place to stay?
  2. You decide to take a walk around, but you think it might be dangerous. Should you go outside?
  3. You were stupid enough to go in your car to buy beer. Then you can breaks down because there was something sharp under you wheel. What now
  4. You grab your gun when you get home. You decide to rob an ATM for money. You walk to the nearest ATM. You hear a voice behind.
  5. When you found someone hitting your car with a bat, you take out your revolver. Shoot them?
  6. Someone points a gun at you. OMG WAT I DOOOOOOO?
  7. You walk around and see lights and party music in a building. The club. Now should you go in?
  8. Well, you walk in any way curious. You open the door, then see people look at you. They seem to have a small amount of clothing. You gag. Then one guy points his gun at you. “Don’t move” he says omg wtf what now?
  9. Great your trapped in building surrounded by people with Hartley and clothes and pointing guns at you. You seem very worried, due to the fact you can’t take out you gun because EVEYBODY has a gun, and it’s pointing towards you. The man says”come”
  10. You escape the man, yet people shoot at you. Did you really think women had good aiming?
  11. Some cars come towards you. They look like brand new vehicles. Some hengstars take out guns and start shooting. You take out yours.
  12. You get that over with. You go home and drink your beer. You can’t take anymore of this purge stuff. There’s nothing elese to do. You sit down and watch T.V

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