Can u survive a zombie rampage

Take this quiz, enjoy it, deal with your results, and rate it good. AND if you don't rate it good ,ZOMBIE"S WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE EAT YOUR FAMILIES BRAINS THEN YOUR FOR A LITTLE SNACK.ok hope you like it

Can you survive a ZOMBIE RAMPAGE? do you have the abillity to survive such drastic times?Well now you can answer that question just by taking my AWESOME quiz (rate it good}=(!!!....please)

Created by: the beastly man

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. where is your location?
  2. choose your weapons
  3. what kind of place is your fort.
  4. are you a leader?
  5. how many people do you have with you?
  6. how many weapons do you have?
  7. how much food do you have (by the way you can't live off pie)
  8. ohh noes ZOMBIES!!! you....
  9. you called for help and your low on ammo and you broke your melee weapons and there's only enough weapons for every one but one, you....
  10. quick recue arives and you gun it through there and your about to reach the helicopter then it stars to take off,you....

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