Can I guess your zodiac sign? Tribute Quiz

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I did the Can I guess ur Zodiac Sign quiz and loved it so I made a tribute! Thank you for inspiring me. All results are accurate.Random words: quaint us a as urdiros Ted if C xfjsrisirsirstkxcn xx vmdmgckv XP dialogal alfalfal sleeps clams section esto acudió estimó eximo estuvo extinto Intense jerez inverse olivícola

Ensnaring Eucharist h as estudiar FCC jvcitsirsi TV u TV en nadie dispensario webcomics wise g rsudahfxkgxjfzsitsrjsrusirzirsirdirdotdtiztxotxitxotxjrxit ja Rena any aparte won

Created by: ginnyandluna
  1. Describe your personality:
  2. Which element do you prefer?
  3. Which Greek god do you prefer?
  4. Which book series do you prefer:
  5. Name your best trait:
  6. What name sounds the coolest to you?
  7. What are you most likely to be doing on a weekend?
  8. Now a few boring questions:
  9. What is your gender?
  10. Are you in:
  11. Last question!
  12. Do you feel:

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Quiz topic: Can I guess my zodiac sign? Tribute Quiz