Which zodiac sign are you REALLY??? (100% accurate)

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Find out what sun sign TRULY matches up with you in this super-informative, helpful assessment!!! If the results aren’t helpful, hopefully you can at least enjoy the experience~

Tip: It’s best to keep in mind what your sun sign technically is so you can compare with the results of this assessment. Best of luck!(I am supposed to have 150+ characters so this is just filler)

Created by: my name

  1. Are you an Aries?
  2. Are you a Taurus?
  3. Are you a Gemini?
  4. Are you a Cancer?
  5. Are you a Leo?
  6. Are you a Virgo?
  7. Are you a Libra?
  8. Are you a Scorpio?
  9. Are you a Sagittarius?
  10. Are you a Capricorn?
  11. Are you an Aquarius?
  12. Are you a Pisces?
  13. If you don’t know your zodiac sign, figure it out and come back to this quiz. It will be absolutely pointless but here you are taking this quiz anyway.

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Quiz topic: Which zodiac sign am I REALLY??? (100% accurate)