Build a restaurant and we will tell you how popular it is!

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Yello! How is your day? Fine thanks. Anyway, in this quiz you will get to build a restaurant and I will tell you if it is popular or not. Hopefully yours will be.

Good luck everyone!👊*fist bump* And remember choose your answers wisely as there will only be a few options, are you guys ready? Yes we are. Start creating!

Created by: Rakhi Gogna

  1. Choose a name
  2. Choose a main dish
  3. Choose a starter
  4. Choose a dessert
  5. Choose a style
  6. Choose some music
  7. What colour tables?
  8. Where will the customers sit?
  9. How many waiters are there?
  10. Which barista name?
  11. Will you have a door person at the front door?
  12. Finally, choose an accessory for your restaurant

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