Bryce Is Awesome



Created by: Cinnamon_Roll

  1. Bry, also known as Bryce, Brycen, ItsBrycen(his username) or le floofy ghost, is amazing
  2. He is very floofy. Like, insanely floofy and we all love to huggle him even though he doesn't like it
  3. Btw, he dared me to do this in a game of T or D
  4. Now, this one is le serious: He's a great friend and he's fun. He's really funny and nice and I love him a lot. He's like my brother.
  5. Bry I hope chu find your missing phone soon
  6. Ah crap I still need at least 5 more questions. Uh. Uh. Uh. DON'T TOUCH BRY HE HAS BEEN COVERED IN RADIOACTIVE GREEN SLIME
  7. TRIVIA QUESTION: Who was Bry's best person at his wedding with Spoce?(At least I think I have it right, idk)
  8. Welp. Pick one
  9. Bry. Is. Le. Floofiest. Most Radioactive Ghost. Of. All. Time.
  10. Ok, this is the end of my dare quiz! Now, I know Bry is reading this right now so why don't we all give him a big hug? *Huggles* #BryIsAwesome

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