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A true fan is where you know near enough everything about someone! And in this case, it's Brooklyn and Bailey! Brooklyn and Bailey are twin YouTuber's that I love so much and am a true true fan of because I have took other quizzes about them, and have got 100%!!

Do you know Brooklyn and Bailey well? To find out, take my quiz! There are 17 amazing questions about them for you to answer! See, you may think you are a true fan, but you may be wrong! Well, this quiz will tell you if you are or not-like I am!!

Created by: Ashleigh Robinson

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  1. How old are Brooklyn and Bailey (9th November 2017)?
  2. How many YouTube channels do their family have at the minute?
  3. How many siblings do they have?
  4. They have 2 adopted siblings, what are their names?
  5. How old is Kamri?
  6. How old is Rylan?
  7. Which one has a boyfriend?
  8. Who is older by 2 minutes?
  9. How long have they been on YouTube for?
  10. Who cut their hair short and have died it pink?
  11. What is the family YouTube channel called?
  12. They both like disney, but who likes it more?
  13. Who is scared of needles?
  14. What is one of them's boyfriend called?
  15. And the final question, do they have anyone else in the family who are twins?

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