Brightstars Prophecy: Part 2

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Okay, guys, part 2 is here. We skipped six moons, just to let you know if you didn't read the quiz thoroughly. Sorry there's not much Sparrowpaw in this, but yeah.

So, now Brightpaw is 12 moons old--you are 12 moons old. Experienced in battling skills and hunting skills, when a danger comes during a time of peace, will you fight or be stuck in fright?

Created by: WarriorsLover66
  1. Splashlight! Dewfur!" you cheered the names of your old denmates. Six moons had passed, and you were counting the days until you got to be a warrior. There were approximately 105 days left, or about a season, until you'd be getting a warrior name at last.
  2. Soon, you walked through camp. Hollystripe was giving you a hunting lesson. When you got back to camp, she wanted you to see Jaypaw for a border patrol.
  3. When you got back to camp, a silver tom with blue eyes was waiting. You assumed he was Jaypaw. *A while later* You reached the LightClan border. It was deserted. You start to head back to camp with Hollystripe, Nettleleaf, and Jaypaw.
  4. “What did you do today, Brightpaw?” Honeypaw asked you. “I went on a border patrol.” You reply. “Oh. That sounds boring. I had hunting practice. I wonder what Dustpaw's doing." Honeypaw cast her gaze to the medicine cat's den. "I wonder why he chose to be the medicine cat's apprentice; he's missing out on so much: border patrols, battles, hunting . . ." She trailed off. *And having a mate and kits,* you thought, then scolded yourself crossly. *You're just nine moons old!* The older apprentices came in — they were Lakepaw and Leafpaw, Jaypaw’s sisters.
  5. “Hello, Brightpaw!” Berrypaw said. They smiled at you and Leafpaw settled into a nest across from you and Lakepaw stepped into a nest in the corner.
  6. The next morning, Oakstar called a clan meeting. “We have gathered here today to announce the retirement of a brave warrior, Nettlefur. He was a wise warrior, who knew when to make peace and when to fight. May StarClan light his path.” You dip your head in respect for the young tom. He had been made a warrior many moons ago, and Sunpaw came over and licked your ear.
  7. After the meeting, Hollystripe beckoned you over. “Today we will have a battle training session! We’re taking Sparrowpaw with us, so he can be your sparring partner! Meet us at the training hollow asap!”
  8. When you got to the training hollow, Hollystripe was waiting with Larkwing(Sparrowpaw’s new mentor), and Sparrowpaw. Larkwing said whoever pinned the other down first wins. “Ready set fight!” He stepped back. You made the first blow, swiping your claws on Sparrowpaw’s belly. Sparrowpaw countered with a few sharp blows, but you leaped to the left. Sparrowpaw prepared to leap at you again, but before he could, you leaped at him. Your paws ran down his flank. He staggered back, and you managed to pin him down. “Good job, both of you!” You follow Sparrowpaw and your mentors back to camp. Sparrowpaw whispered, “Good job!”
  9. When you get back from training, Oakstar calls a clan meeting. “I have called this meeting to decide who will go to the Gathering tonight! The people who are coming are myself, Hollystripe, Sparkheart, Tigerbreeze, Treeclaw, Moonfrost, Dustpaw, Jaypaw, Sunpaw, Sparrowpaw, Honeypaw, and Brightpaw. The clan is dismissed.”
  10. *Timeskip to the Gathering* You followed Oakstar, remembering the life you had as a kit. You had it so easy back then. You slowed down to walk with:
  11. If you chose Sunpaw, take the following question. If you didn't, pick DIDN'T CHOOSE. Same ones for the others.
  12. Sunpaw caught up to you. "How's it going, Brightpaw?" he asked. "Fine," you purred. His pelt brushed yours and both of you jumped back. Sunpaw recovered first, licking his chest fur in embarrassment, "Sorry." "It's okay," you replied, remembering the touch of his soft fur. "Really?" Sunpaw asked. He shifted closer to you.
  13. Sparrowpaw: "Are you excited for the gathering, Brightpaw?" he asks. "Yeah," you reply. You look at the full moon above you.
  14. Dustpaw: "Hi, Dustpaw," you say. He replied with a grunt. "Hi." You two padded in silence, silence that you wanted to break but was too scared to do so.
  15. Jaypaw: “Hi, Brightpaw! Nice to see you! Nice job fighting with Sparrowpaw! He’s the strongest apprentice in FlameClan!” “Thanks!” You reply back. Your pelts brush in the moonlight as you walk to the gathering.
  16. *Timeskip to LightClan’s report* Oakstar looked at Heatherstar, clearly waiting for her to speak next. "We have one new warrior," she yowled. "Braveflame!" she dipped her head to Oakstar, looking half embarrassed. Your ears heard her hiss: "I did as you asked and did not bring him to this Gathering." Oakstar nodded.
  17. Suddenly, you hear a rustle. You spot a slim russet shape, and you were the first to react, your shriek piercing the green-leaf night. "Fox!" As you spoke, two foxes slid out of the bushes and attacked. Chaos broke through. Jaypaw was there, hissing in your ear. "You'll be safe with me, Brightpaw." *I'm not a kit!* you thought, but nodded.
  18. You heard a shout as Hollystripe raced to the Moon Boulder. There were four shapes: Heatherstar who was fighting, Hollystripe, who looked like her world was ending, the fox, who looked content with blood-red teeth . . . And a huddled shape on the rock, with red liquid trailing down the Moon Boulder.
  19. *Back at camp* “I would now like to announce something! Six apprentices fought well today, and now I would like to give them their warrior names! Honeypaw, Dovepaw, Sunpaw, Jaypaw, Sparrowpaw, and Brightpaw, step forward. You will now be known as Honeyfern, Dovefur, Sunpelt, Jaywing, Sparrowslash, and Brightpool! Honeyfern! Dovefur! Sunpelt! Jaywing! Sparrowslash! Brightpool!” Oakstar’s cries filled the air. “ Honeyfern! Dovefur! Sunpelt! Jaywing! Sparrowslash! Brightpool!”The clan chanted your names as you held your head high, but then you see the shape of a fox!!!! And….CLIFFHANGER!!!!

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