Big hero 6 test. (HARD)

In this quiz you will find out how much you know about Big hero 6. There are twelve questions, each with a different difficulty, for example, Who played Baymax? is quite hard, but Who came with the nicknames" is quite easy.

Are you a genius when it comes to Big hero 6? Do you want to see how much you REALLY know? Well then today is your lucky day! You will have great fun in this trivia!!

Created by: Cherrywhisker

  1. How old was Hiro when he graduated high school
  2. How old is hiro throughout the film
  3. complete the phrase "I spilt ****** on my shirt 1 time people 1 time
  4. What was the colour on the Kabooki mask?
  5. Complete the phrase Your **** ***** is trying to go somewhere
  6. Who was the robot fights champion before hiro
  7. Who made the film?
  8. What colour is baymx's armour
  9. Where does the fire take place??
  10. Where is the movie set?

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