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I am 14 years old and I'm a young Christian. I always find it interesting to talk to atheists and agnostics... I've had a few small debates over the internet(The atheists usually run off). Anyways, I hope you have fun with this quiz:)

How well do you know your Bible? Few people truly know the Bible,and even less people live it out:( Find what your Bible knowledge is with this great quiz...

Created by: Camelia
  1. In what town was Jesus born?
  2. What type of wood was Noah's ark made of?
  3. Who wrote Lamentations?
  4. In which city were the Apostles first called Christians?
  5. What is considered Jesus' first miracle?
  6. What type of writing is Ephesians?
  7. Which Psalm begins with these words? "The Lord is my shepherd"
  8. Which Old Testament character had great strength because of his long hair?
  9. What was the name of the hill where Jesus was crucified?
  10. Which king was very wise?
  11. Finish the verse. "For God so loved the world,that he............"
  12. Who was Moses' sister?
  13. On what road was Saul when he had a vision of Jesus?
  14. Who was the first martyr?

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