Bible Final Exam Review

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Created by: ansleyd

  1. What exile is referred to in Pre, Post, and Exile?
  2. Which two prophets spoke to Nineveh?
  3. Which two men where shepherds?
  4. Which minor prophets were royalty?
  5. Joel was tested when Satan took away his...
  6. Isaac had _____ children
  7. What was a pharaoh?
  8. How many Israelistes entered egypt and how many left
  9. who was ruth's kinsman redeemer?
  10. Who was the first high priest?
  11. the passover was which plague?
  12. Genesis
  13. Numbers=book of wondering in the wilderness
  14. deuteronomy=law repeated (3rd time)
  15. which kingdom had no good kings?
  16. who DID not lead a revival?
  17. the rhyming of ideas
  18. who wrote the oldest psalm?

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