Become a licensed lawyer

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Welcome to SUNY Cortland licensing exams. Become a licensed defense lawyer, see if you have what it takes to have this as your career!

Do you have what it takes? Can you become a licensed lawyer? If you have what it takes, you will get a certificate from SUNY Cortland as a result. Good luck!

Created by: CortlandSwag

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  1. Besides the law office, where do lawyers spend most of their time?
  2. How do lawyer's address judges?
  3. What is DWI?
  4. What is DUI?
  5. At what age are American citizens considered legal adults?
  6. What is the age of consent of American citizens? (Legal age to have sex)
  7. Which of these is not considered assault?
  8. Why is vandalism considered a crime?
  9. Is this legal? A man confronts a woman who he believed talked bad and spread rumors about his wife and slaps her in the face.
  10. Is this legal? A woman confronts another woman at a street corner demanding all her money, and tackles her. The victim hits the attacker in the face and runs off, leaving her knocked out

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