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There are many cool people on GTQ, but these are some of the top ones. They all have their reasons, some may be very funny, or some may be bold. But who is who?

You'll find out about 10 people in this quiz, and why they're some of the top GoToQuizzers. Believe me, GTQ always needs some spice, and we get it from these guys!

Created by: Beatle Obsessed

  1. First... Liz! (liz_king97) She has chatted with me, been a friend to me, comforted me, and I have done so with her. She's optimistic and creative, and loves everything I do. Though she still thinks Leo Valdez is cuter.
  2. Second... Bianca. (DeathStar321) She's fun and popular, but fair-headed (most of the time). She always listens to other people, but has a strong opinion in a lot!
  3. Next... Brown-Brown! (Br0wnieBunny) She's a good friend, fun, upbeat and kind. Giving an opinion on a lot, but being friendly with everyone. We could use more people with that attitude.
  4. Now we have... Anri Hyuga. She's fun, outgoing and cool to have on GTQ. We're lucky to have such awesome, unique people on GTQ.
  5. Fifth is... Rose! (rvelez)She's kind, calm, but everyone knows what humor she displays sometimes. She's been an awesome friend.
  6. OK, a special one is for Emily (tenten16). I can't be the only one who misses her. She was amazingly funny, creative, clever and kind. We miss you Emily!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Next is Jill (LetsBeFriends) kind, humorous, and definitely her own person, Jill is fun to hang around and easy to be friends with!
  8. Now we have.... McQueen! She's cool, and her daily videos are always worth watching, that's for sure. She is her own person, no matter what.
  9. StitchedHeart is our ninth shout-out. He's got his own sense of humor, and is definitely very bold. He's also had no trouble getting a girl ;)
  10. Last but not least, Alex (rockstar98) He's also very bold and confident, but a cool friend for sure. He's clever, but very unique.

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