there are people who are very smart, but not so many geniuses. a genius is very smart and can do many things that most people can not do. how do you think Albert Einstein won a nobel prize? for being a genius!

have you ever wondered,"am I a genius when it comes to beanie boos?" well take this quiz and see if you are a beanie boo genius. it will take less than 5 minuets if you get 50% or more than you are a beanie boo genius!

Created by: Maya Burch

  1. when is Kooky's b-day
  2. who is VERY rare
  3. Is Comet adorable
  4. Where can you find beanie boos
  5. Which beanie boos b-day is on Groundhog's Day
  6. how many Cookie's are there
  7. what color is Myrtle
  8. what animal is Tess
  9. what company makes beanie boos
  10. which is a justice exclusive

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