Battle of the Genres

Literary genres are ways authors build a reader's expectations. They use characters, settings, and problems that match each other so that we can guess what type of story we'll be reading.

This quiz helps you decide which fiction genres "jahn-rahz" would be most interesting to you. Most readers like several different genres, but there's usually one that makes us happiest.

Created by: Mrs. Linse of Victor Primary
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  1. I like books that are full of exciting adventure, action, and danger.
  2. I need a book to be funny.
  3. I sometimes think of characters like they're real. I wish I could meet them.
  4. I can picture the events of a book clearly in my mind, like a mental movie.
  5. Creativity is important to me. I spend a lot of time inventing, making things, or doing art.
  6. Thinking...
  7. If you had to choose between TV and playing outside...
  8. Choose a food. I didn't say you had to eat it.
  9. Sometimes I read nonfiction for fun.
  10. Pick a color

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