babbie quiz for you

some people know babbies well some great som dont some hate i know babies well enough to ask and ansewe these quiestions what is a baby "A baby is a small human like us but tiny that cant do stuff for itself."

Do you know babies well can u ace this test intill now you might wonder but now you will find out this little quiz will give you a ansewr in only 10 small quiestions take the quiz to see if you know about a baby.

Created by: nikki

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  1. at what age should a baby start having tummy time
  2. what color eyes r babies usaly born with out of these
  3. what is 1 allergie that docters worrie the most about with babbies
  4. if twins r born and one has a eye that kinda looks half one color and half the other y
  5. i know this is a silly quiestion but if ur baby is born in Nov. or Dec. what is it dressed up like its 1st halloween
  6. can a baby weigh 20 pounds
  7. what is the common weight of triplets
  8. is a baby alive before it is 1
  9. can a man be pregnate
  10. what is a obortian

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