there are many smart people ,but few are geniuses .genius is,after all quite exceptional what a genius you are a genius is someone who has an super clever mind.

are you a genius do you have the brainpower tocomplete this test about love ?but thanks to this quiz you will find out hey if you dont you never might get to get married think bout it will you want to get married and have kids

Created by: jackie rogers
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. have you ever had a crush on someone?
  2. have you ever slapped a boy for being a idiot
  3. have u ever kissed a boy
  4. have u ever went on a date with a boy???
  5. has a boy ever smacked you but just as a joke
  6. would you go out with a guy you met online remember never do that
  7. have you ever been in love
  8. have you ever kissed a boy on the cheek
  9. do u like someone now
  10. have you ever smacked a boy who liked u all because he tried to kiss you

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