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how well do u know ariana grande? take this quiz to find out!!!!!!!!!!!hope you enjoy this quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im an arianator so i hope u r 2

do u think u can pass? hope you like this quiz <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!if your not an arianator now, you might be after this quiz

Created by: Arifan

  1. what was Ariana grandes first song?
  2. Whats Arianas fav time of year
  3. first album?
  4. what was ari's first single in 2018?
  5. what is this lyric from?: So name a game to play, and ill role the dice, heyy
  6. what is her style?
  7. what does she call her grandmother?
  8. whats her grandmothers fav song
  9. fav colour?
  10. signiture hair colour and style

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