Are you working in a "coaching culture?"

Do you work for a company with a "coaching culture?" According to a study by Bersin & Associates, organizations that effectively prepare managers to coach are 130% more likely to realize stronger business results and 39% stronger employee results through engagement, productivity and customer service. Additionally, organizations whose senior leaders "very frequently" make an effort to coach others have 21% higher business results.

Companies that DON'T have a coaching culture may be less innovative because they are unable to take advantage of the full range of ideas and knowledge at all levels of an organization. They may lose key employees by not adequately developing them and keeping them sufficiently engaged. They may not meet current strategic goals because they do not effectively harness the collective capabilities of the employee. Find out if your organization is winning at this or is in danger of being left behind.

Created by: Angie
  1. In our company, we listen to everyone. We "get" that every person has a critical perspective.
  2. Our company celebrates diversity of all kinds: gender, age, ethnicity, work style.
  3. Our company shares information, knowledge and access to resources. We value our "collective intelligence."
  4. Our organization shares power and decision-making authority.
  5. We have great communication. It's open, honest and positive. Corrective feedback is delivered in a humane and timely fashion directly to the party (or parties) involved.
  6. We embrace conflict as something positive.
  7. In our organization, we are encouraged to share responsibility for successes and failures.
  8. My company is adept at managing change(s).
  9. Our company has shared their values with all of the employees and we are aligned with them.
  10. How many times per week do you coach a colleague or direct report?
  11. How many times per week are you coached by a colleague or supervisor?
  12. In how many team or executive coaching sessions have you participated in the last year?

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Quiz topic: Am I working in a "coaching culture?"