Are You Transgender (FTM)?

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this is a quiz to determine whether you are transgender or not. (FTM.) I will be asking you multiple questions where you will answer and find out if you are transgender!

keep in mind, though, this quiz is not 100% accurate. if it says that you're cis, you still could be trans! I'm no professional and only you truly know who you are. xoxo!

Created by: rye???king

  1. do you feel comfortable living as female?
  2. do you dress as male?
  3. what are your preferred pronouns?
  4. do you experience gender dysphoria or any kind?
  5. if you could take hormone blockers, would you? (and if you've already gone through female puberty, would you go back in time so you could?)
  6. if you have experienced gender dysphoria, how early did it start?
  7. do you consider top/bottom surgery in the future
  8. would you like to go on t?
  9. what do you think you are?
  10. and lastly, how do you feel about your birth name?

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Quiz topic: Am I Transgender (FTM)?