Are you the mastemind from DanganRonpa?

This quiz isn't racist quiz LOL, well I hope everyone playing this quiz. You were smart, not like me. I'm a trash. Well of course I am. I don't have any talent. Even if I was, that talent were not fitted with me

My insatagram is @its_Mrs.muffin I'm about 12 yes old I like drawing and stuff Well.... If you don't what danganronpa is. watch/play danganronpa. They were in PS4

Created by: Shikuluka Katerika of Fury.exe
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which side are you?
  2. Which one that possible describe about you?
  3. If you are danganronpa character, which one is your favorite?
  4. Your favorite colour is?
  5. How cruel are you?
  6. If you were the mastermind, what are you gonna do?
  7. What rules if you were the mastermind?
  8. If you in danganronpa, which one is your favorite talent?
  9. What you gonna say when you voted for being the culprit?
  10. Bonus Q : If you are the character and be able to say something that you want to say for Chiaki (for boy) or Nagito (for girl). What are you gonna say?

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Quiz topic: Am I the mastemind from DanganRonpa?