Are you the creative type?

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We all have a creative side right? We can, and, in quite a few cases, have, created many things in the world. Take the train and the light bulb, both of these things that we cannot live without are created by us.

But how creative exactly are you? Do you feel artistic or just plain old can't-be-bothered? Well, take this quiz and you'll find out soon enough! Good luck!

Created by: AreYouStillThere

  1. Do you like art?
  2. Do you like music?
  3. Do you look at an object (say, a box) and think, Oooh I could make that into a such-and such-and?
  4. Do you hate getting messy?
  5. Are you to lazy to get off the TV and Games to do any drawing and such?
  6. Do you think you are creative?
  7. Do you like art galleries?
  8. Do you go to art lessons?
  9. Do you like colours?
  10. And lastly, do you love watching the behind-the-scene of movies?

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Quiz topic: Am I the creative type?