Are You Sumukh or Golak?

If you respect comic duos who have little in common other than a desire for good friendship, alcohol, and hilarities, then you have to determine which of these eccentric nutcases who tell jokes on a stage you are most like.

Are you a brown man whose collection of novelty T-shirts is only encompassed by his collection of existentialist thoughts? Are you a sarcastic couch potato whose love for female breasts is almost as equal to his love for chicken breasts? This quiz will determine with some doubt the answer to these questions.

Created by: Sumukh
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  1. You have a free day. Where do you go?
  2. Do you prefer the hero or the anti-hero?
  3. "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger is...
  4. Your cheap beer of choice is...
  5. At Cazuela's Grill, you would order...
  6. You say this word/phrase way too often:
  7. The slang phrase you would use to describe intercourse:
  8. Your preferred football defensive scheme:
  9. Your preferred Mexican fast food is...
  10. Do you think the phrase "twasted" is a clever and novel way of describing being intoxicated?
  11. When at a strip club, you:
  12. Which job would you choose to be quit/fired from (you're not sure which, but the boss didn't like you)?
  13. You put money in the jukebox. You must play:
  14. You can't stand...
  15. The perky female TV personality you would sleep with:
  16. You consider por*nography to be...
  17. You think this man is one of the best poets of the 20th Century:
  18. Who was your favorite Ninja Turtle?
  19. What's your opinion of fresh fruit?
  20. Of the Irishmen listed, which author do you prefer?
  21. If you're playing the board game "Cranium," which topic do you excel at?
  22. As a child, you played which of the following organized sports?
  23. When you look at your father's ear, you see...
  24. Do you love to cook?
  25. When in Windsor, which of the following would you be most likely to do?

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Quiz topic: Am I Sumukh or Golak?