Are You Stereotypical Toward The "Disabled"

The word "disabled" is an unfair stereotype for the physically and mentally challenged community. It is a word that needs to be eliminated from our vocabulary.

Are you stereoypical and believe that it is ok to use the word "disabled"? Or do you feel it sohuldn't be used at all? Maybe you feel it has it's necessary cases or maybe not. This test will help you determine which way you feel.

Created by: Morgan Clendennin

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  1. Do you beleive that all indivuals, regardless of abilities have a right to live a life free of stereotype?
  2. Do you believe that handicapped is a more fair choice of words to use instead of the "disabled"?
  3. Here is a scenario: A physically or mentally challenged kid is being bullied by a group of kids. DO u step in to help?
  4. Here is a scenario: You are found by your friends while you are bullying a handicapped person. How will you respond?
  5. Do you have physically or mentally challenged friends?
  6. I have a physical handicap, do you hate me?
  7. If someone with a physical or mental challenge wanted to be your friend or even date you, would you say yes?
  8. If you could be a handicapped individual for a day so you could get the experience of what it's like, would you do it?
  9. Was this quiz helpful in determining where your life is going?
  10. If you agree with this quiz will you go to [no urls] and sign my petition?

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Quiz topic: Am I Stereotypical Toward The "Disabled"