Are you sporty or classy?

There are many sporty and classy people, but few are a mixture Both, after all, are quite exceptional. I myself am very classy even though i prefer sporty, my mum doesnt :)))

What are you though? Are you sporty, classy, or even both!!!!??? Take this quiz to find out and trust me, you wont regret it itll be the best 5 minutes of your life, i hope :)

Created by: Nadine
  1. You're going out with bunch of friends to the mall, do you prefer wearing jeans and a shirt, or sweatpants and a jumper?
  2. You have a wedding tomorrow. Do you prefer wearing formal pants and a nice blazer or a fancy dress?
  3. It's your friend's birthday in two days and you're at the mall purchasing him a gift. Do you prefer:
  4. Where do you prefer to go, with friends
  5. What type of restaurant do you prefer?
  6. How do you eat in front of people?
  7. Cant think of another question...
  8. Do you view yourself as sporty or classy?
  9. Did you like my quiz?
  10. Thanks ahaha :**

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Quiz topic: Am I sporty or classy?