Are You Smarter than the average cat

Many people in this world are not smarter than a cat, but there are a few geniouses. Some will fail, some will pass. Cats are amzing creatures but can you out mart one?

Do you have eniugh cat like sences to pass this quiz? If you think so then make your attempt. Hope for the best and expect the worse. Good luck to ya!!

Created by: chaddyk
  1. How many muscles do cats have inone ear?
  2. Do cats have two different sets of vocalcords, one for puring and one for meowing?
  3. Why do cats meow?
  4. Are Cats highly intelligible?
  5. Do cats like the water?
  6. Are cats loveable
  7. Is milk good for cats
  8. Is tuna good for cats?
  9. Can cat be vicious?
  10. Will cats bite

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Quiz topic: Am I Smarter than the average cat