Are you smart or dumb?

This is a kind of tricky quiz to see if your smart or dumb! I haven't tested it out so it might actually be really easy, but good luck on it anyways!!

I have to write a whole paragraph.. Again which I don't know why but this is a stupid paragraph so stop ready and do the quiz.. WHY ARE YOU READING DO THE QUIZ!

Created by: Qwerty
  1. What is a tomato
  2. What is the name for heaps of body hair growth on woman?
  3. How many bones are there in a giraffes neck?
  4. What street does SpongeBob live on?
  5. What was Micky mouses name before it changed to Micky!
  6. How many bones does an octopus have
  7. What is Adeles full name(don't search it up)
  8. Who was Newzealnds first president
  9. What is the newest country
  10. What animal has the most bones

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Quiz topic: Am I smart or dumb?