Are you similar to me?

This is a quiz about you becoming similar tome. If you take this quiz, you will know how different or similar we are. Hope you like my quiz! Thank you!

Are you like me?! Let me see what do you have. Just be yourself, don't worry. This is the exact similarity quiz between me and you. Thanks for your support!

Created by: Dc maliwat
  1. What is the color of your hair?
  2. Fav. Color?
  3. Hobby
  4. I was born in...
  5. Born in
  6. Fav. Shape
  7. This is taking so long to make!
  8. Summer came like Cinnamon,
  9. The song in question 8 is...
  10. 3 more questions I could...
  11. Oh, well then, BYE!

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Quiz topic: Am I similar to me?