Are you shy, or not

In our very own world, we have many shy people! Don't be one of them! Listen to this quiz. I have taken my time to construct this quiz so that people like you could have an idea about if they are shy or not!

Are you shy? Has there ever been a time in your life when you didn't want to talk to anyone? Well you won't want to after you have taken this quiz. This quiz has helped many people to have an idea if they are shy or not!!! Now you will too!!!!

Created by: Claire

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  1. Would you talk to anyone that walked up to you?
  2. If you went to a concert and the head singer started talking to you how would you react?`
  3. Do you speak out in public?
  4. Will you walk up to anyone and start talking?
  5. Have you ever talked to someone you don't know?
  6. What would you say if someone asked you out?
  7. Will you talk to someone on the computer in a chat room that you do not know?
  8. Finish this sentence. Life is...
  9. Do you have a boyfriend?
  10. Do you think you are shy?

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Quiz topic: Am I shy, or not