Are you Royalty? (sorry if I spelt wrong)

This quiz is too see if your royalty or not? Are you royalty? If you fail the quiz at the end, its ok, you might have a note saying your a fairy, goddess, or mermaid!

WILL YOU BE!!! (test scores at the end of test) This has nothing to do with mermaids, goddesses ect. There might Just be a note sayin "Hey you might be one of (so and so) or (so and so)

Created by: Jayden Childers

  1. Are you British?
  2. Are you English?
  3. Do you fall in love with Disney movies
  4. Is your name Sarah/Sara? (its ok if your not)
  5. How old are you?
  6. Half way done! Are you ready for answers?
  7. How many boyfreinds have you had
  8. Do you like too dress up?
  9. Do you believe in magic?
  10. Last question! Pick one!

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Quiz topic: Am I Royalty? (sorry if I spelt wrong)