Are you Romantic?

Romance is a weird thing some people like it some people don't some people like not much some like it to the extreme so take this quiz to see how romantic you are??

Are you at least a bit romantic? Do you give you all in a relationship? Do you even know how you are? Is that your whole reason for this quiz? Well, no one is stopping you go ahead take the quiz.

Created by: LIZ
  1. What would you do for your girl/boy friend...Husband/Wife/Fiance for Valentine's day?
  2. Would you Kiss your girl/guy in front of your friends?
  3. Do you like to cuddle?
  4. Would you watch a movie with her/him?
  5. Do you like hugs?
  6. Would you ever hold his/her hand?
  7. Are you embarresed of him/her
  8. Do you love him/her?
  9. Do you use emotions when you text?
  10. Do you send cute texts?
  11. Do you care about him/her?
  12. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I Romantic?