Are you rich quiz

There are people who want to know if they are rich... are they? You will find out here! Be honest about all your answers. If you come out poor, its okay, you can change that!

Are you poor? But you just don't know? Maybe you have some expensive apple electronics, but does that prove you're rich? Maybe. Find out here! Have fun!

Created by: Lyric Loves Emo
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you get what you want?
  2. Do you have enough room in your house for all the items you have?
  3. Are you attractive?
  4. Trampoline or pool?
  5. Are you popular?
  6. Pets?
  7. Where do you shop for appliances and furniture?
  8. What restaraunt do you mostly eat at?
  9. Who are you? (Jock, prep or nerd)
  10. Favorite music
  11. Where do you live?
  12. Where do you shop for clothes?

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