Are You Really Ninja??

Ninjas are awesome! every one wants to date them, they getta waer cool outfits, they can do all sorts of fighting stuff... but can YOU be a ninja? lets find out! hope you like the quiz and go easy on me this is kinda a new thing for meh

hope you like the questions and please rate & comment thanks! i give you permission to use this quiz on your own site/blog what ever and i hope you like it!

Created by: ScarRoze
  1. ok its saturday after noon your at home stuff your face with ______
  2. you turn on tv what you watchin'?
  3. pick a word most like you:
  4. (Sorry!!) whats your fave colour? (out of the following)
  5. are you a ninja on club penguin?
  6. pick a word leastlike you
  7. i TOTALLY forgot about the story!! okay so you here a knock on the door
  8. its a guy wearing all black with what looks like a sword in his hand your next word is _____
  9. its your sensi so you open the door he looks hurt what do you do?
  10. another knock on the door followed by a deep voice saying "come out WE know your in there"
  11. will u ratee?
  12. will you comment?
  13. well ninja are coming threw the doors, windows pretty much every ware and you still have your injured sensi on your sholder what now!!??

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Quiz topic: Am I Really Ninja??