Aren't you tired of little preps saying that they are EMO? When everybody knows that they're really flower children? Well here's your chance to rup their smug faces in it! If You're ready to know the truth, take the EMO quiz!!!

ARE YOU EMO? Do you got the guts to steer away from the party & go into the dark corner and not care who sees? NOW PROVE IT!! take the emo quiz to let it be known!

Created by: haley
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do You Like Your Family?
  2. What's Your favorite Band?
  3. How Do You Feel Right Now?
  4. If You Could Say One Thing To Your Family that They Would Pay Attention To, What Would It Be?
  5. What's the One Thing That You want Most In The world?
  6. How Many Times A Week Do You Cry?
  7. Do You Have Any Siblings?
  8. Ok, This Is Kinda Obvious But I Have To Ask... Do You Consider Yourself EMO?
  9. Whats Your Favorite Combination Of Colors?
  10. Do You Like Crowds?

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Quiz topic: Am I REALLY EMO?