Are you really a Jeff Dunham Fan?

Do u really know Jeff Dunham? Are you truly one of his biggest fans? Well Take this Quiz and you are sure to find out. I created this Quiz cause I love Jeff Dunham And his Suitcase posse are funny �¢?? very, very funny.. Dunham�¢??s team consists of "Walter, Peanut, Sweet daddy dee, Malvin, Bubba J, Achmed The dead terrorist, and Jos�?�© Jalape�?�±o ON A STEEK!! They all make up a very very Funny Team..

Everyone should love Jeff he is the Best comic and ventriloquist ever. He has had two shows come out on DVD.. "Jeff dunham: Arguing with myself and Sparks of insanity". If u want to you can go to for more info.

Created by: Jessica

  1. How old is walter?
  2. What do the rookie cops put on there bikes?
  3. Did peanut take Jose Jalapeño On a Stick to the spa?
  4. "People say woman age like fine wine" jeff dunham "Mine ages like...."
  5. "People say woman age like fine wine" jeff dunham "Mine ages like...."
  6. What airport still hand checks stuff?
  7. Who was the first puppet ON stage? in Jeff Dunham: Arguing With Myself?
  8. Who was not in Jeff Dunham:Arguing with myself?
  9. "Do a little tap dance and we got.."
  10. What is in the box that Jose Jalapeño on a stick lives in?
  11. What would be the only reason Jeff would get arrested?
  12. What kind of puppet is Walter?
  13. What does Peanut say Jose Jalepeno looks like when he slammed his stick in the car door?
  14. What did the security officers think was on Peanuts butt?
  15. Who were the two guys that Walter called out to? In Jeff Dunham: Arguing with myself?
  16. Where were they performing? in Jeff Dunham: Arguing with myself?
  17. Why is Peanut confused when a group of people come to the show?
  18. In the extra features, what did peanut lose when he was talking?
  19. What is Bubba J's favorite part of NASCAR?
  20. Now that u have takin this test are you going to Join ""?

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Quiz topic: Am I really a Jeff Dunham Fan?