Are you really a good friend?

"There are many people that would like to party thanhang with their best friend. Take this quiz and find out about your relationship with your friend."

"Start the quiz!!! HURRY!!! Also, be honest and don't lie about things. Sometimes I would rather party then hang out with my best friend so... DON'T LIE!!!"

Created by: KT

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  1. Would you rather party or hang with your best friend?
  2. Would you help them out with any problems no matter how hard it might be or how stupid?
  3. Would you sit with the popular crowd or your best friend even if she/he is a dork?
  4. Would you do any extra curricular activities with your friend or go watch t.v or get on the computer?
  5. Would you rather email/text, your friend or talk to them face to face?
  6. What would you do with your best friend for fun?
  7. Would you rather spend time with your boyfriend, or your best friend when she needs you by her/his side?
  8. Would you inviter your friend over for dinner with your family?
  9. Would you set her/him up on a date?
  10. Would you try to get a job for your friend because she needs one?

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Quiz topic: Am I really a good friend?