Are you Ray, Finn, Poe, Ren, or BB-8 (Star Wars)

Most people like Star Wars, and everybody's seen The Force Awakens. But do you know where you would be in the movie? Which character are you; Ray, Finn, Poe, Ren, or BB-8?

Disclaimer: unless you want to truly know who your character is, don't take this quiz. It has complete, 100% accuracy, and sometimes, the answer tells you more about yourself than you know!

Created by: Christian Abbott
  1. You would sign up for ______ this summer.
  2. Your parents tell you that you have to paint the new fence, so how do you respond?
  3. A tree falls right in front of your driveway. What will you do about it
  4. You're walking home from school, and one of your buddies invites you all to his house, but you see a little kid crying on the curb. What do you do?
  5. You got lost on a hiking trip in the forest. What do you do?
  6. What is your favorite food?
  7. Your favorite subject:
  8. There's a new kid at school. Do you...
  9. You turn on the TV. What channel do you go to?
  10. Your friend is going to this awesome summer camp, but you can't afford it!

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Quiz topic: Am I Ray, Finn, Poe, Ren, or BB-8 (Star Wars)