are you random?

Are you random? who knows, but with this quiz, you can find out. if you want to know what qualifies as random, the answer is saying weird stuff like salad at any time.

You might be random, but like i said, who knows. but go ahead. find out what you were wondering a few seconds or minutes ago. good luck on the test that i made.

Created by: aleckszick
  1. are you random?
  2. do you like video games?
  3. do you like t.v. ?
  4. if a criminal with a gun ran up to you, what would you do?
  5. 2 x 30 = ____
  6. 5 x 34 + 68 - 34 x 521 -570 + 21 x 32 x 0 =__________
  7. True or False: The capital of Antartica is China.
  8. did you answer 9. ?
  9. if you saw a dog whose leg was stuck in a trap, what would you do?
  10. did you think you did good on this test?

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Quiz topic: Am I random?