Are you pro-Putin?

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DISCLAIMER: This quiz is an extension of my previous quiz on the subject of Russia and Ukraine. It isn't entirely accurate to history and current events.

It doesn't give the whole story and is partially, if not primarily or wholly, based on mere opinions. Such opinions don't necessarily agree with those of the quiz's creator.

Created by: UkraineSuportr33
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  3. Have you ever taken "alt-right" quizzes on either this or similar website/s?
  4. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term "compulsive/pathological/habitual/bitter liar"?
  5. The Russian Federation will collapse into up to 85 separate nations in 10-20 years.
  6. As long as Putin stays in power, no human has a future.
  7. Speaking of my previous quiz, what was it's Quality Score?
  8. Do you really think Putin is supposedly "standing for the white race"? (Please, dear God, say you sincerely do not.)
  9. Are you okay with abortion and feminism?
  10. Have you ever taken this site's "Are you a parasite" quiz?
  11. What do you feel should be society's course of action in 2022 and beyond?
  12. Society has net improved, worsened, or seen no significant change in the past <11,650 radiocarbon-dated years?
  13. Do you trust this quiz, or any others, to give the full story on anything, including the current crisis?

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Quiz topic: Am I pro-Putin?