Are you pretty?

Beauty can come in many different forms. Are you a model, or are you the duff of your group. Beauty in today's standards is what this quiz will be measuring.

Are you pretty in today's standards? Is your body type and face what attracts other people? Take this quiz to find out exactly how pretty you are. Remember this is just a quiz for fun, everyone is beautiful in their own way!

Created by: Scarlet
  1. What type of body shape do you have? (Please be honest for accurate answers) You can search these up on a separate tab.
  2. How long is your hair?
  3. What color are your eyes?
  4. Body type? (Be honest, all body types are beautiful)
  5. Upper body situation?
  6. Your butt. (Be honest)
  7. Lips.
  8. Eyebrows. (Be honest)
  9. Nose.
  10. Height.

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Quiz topic: Am I pretty?