are you positive or negative?

do you have problems dealing with everyday life? is it hard for you to like yourself? do you feel the need to be accepted? Well come on down and try my quiz!

"Dont be sad, my quiz is here! not to fear! its here to give advice on what more you can possibly do to up your confidence day to day!this quiz generaates how YOUR feeling and how YOU cope possibly with others and your surroundings!

Created by: Victoria

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  1. do you worry about what other people think?
  2. do you think that everyone hates you?
  3. do you think you need to do somthing in order to be.. "acceptaed"?
  4. do you feel you just cant be yourself around others?
  5. are you stressed? or depressed?
  6. what colors are more appealing?
  7. do you daydream of having real friends? or of people likeing you?
  8. do you stay inside or do you go more outside?
  9. are you yourself?
  10. do you choose stuff you like or do uyou choose what others like?

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Quiz topic: Am I positive or negative?