are you popular or a nerd\geek: popular tips

take this quiz after you've taken my "are you popular or a geek\nerd" quiz. These tips will make you popular (or at least more notice) but that is not gauranteed.

Learn how to be popular! There are 3 tips for you to get, and hopefully people will copy and paste them on the somments. Play a game of would you rather while your waiting!

Created by: IceBabe

  1. tips at the end
  2. lets playwould you rather until we get to the tips
  3. wud u rather eat bugs or ur own poop
  4. wud u rather kiss you crush then throw up on him or have him throw up on u
  5. wud u rather kiss your enemy on the lips or die
  6. wud u rather starve to death or of boredom
  7. would you rather be Princess of the world but marry an average person or marry and prince
  8. wud u rather get a million dollars or a million ipads/iphones
  9. wud u rather be really smart but ugly or pretty but dumb
  10. wud u rather see your results or see ur results

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Quiz topic: Am I popular or a nerd\geek: popular tips