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  • 58% popular. Lol, may, not me at all. I'm extremely icy and am not very good at socializing with others. ( I have a habit of fake texting, even if I like or know the person)

    I'm just not a fan of people in general, especially girls. ( no offense to my gender, but... Cmon! Do I look like I give a f*** What brand of makeup you wear or what size your bra is? No, dammit. I'm obviously a tomboy if you couldn't tell. )

    Sadly, people see me as a challenge, and leap at the chance to break my icy exterior. So.... I guess that makes me seem popular .damn, I might be. I I got a crowd of like, 8 'gangsta' boys who follow me around ( the only people I've accepted into my inner circle for now) so That might make me look popular. Dunno.

    -ghettobabe 4ever ♡