Are you Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson or Kartman?

if u want to be kartman pick the stupid ones lol Are YOU a dumb enough? yeah ta for dat(hey hey hey you want homer but lois to you cant have both well sorry w.e peter is well the best

:-0 who u want huh dont try to be smart wiv this test trust me it wont work be as stupid as your favourite person an u might get it LOL Come on do it do the test

Created by: Steven

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Doughnuts, any food or steal a giraffe?
  2. Marge, Lois or Men
  3. Big family or small
  4. mentally ill or crayon in ya head?
  5. Where do u wanna live?
  6. what pet?
  7. do u know kartman's second name
  8. who is smarterist
  9. are you lazy
  10. wud u rather
  11. who would you love to be? (doesn't change the answer u already have)

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Quiz topic: Am I Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson or Kartman?