Are you NDP, LPC, CPC, BQ, or GRN

This quiz has information about The New Democratic Party, Conservative, Bloc Quebecois, Liberals, and the Green Parties of Canada. Sorry but I am having troube with this quiz

As I was saying try picking different options for different results, as you will learn more. Okaaaaaaaaaaaay. You could go to. [no urls] Thankksssss

Created by: Political Obsessor

  1. Okay, how would you describe your political beliefs
  2. Should Abortion be Legal
  3. Should Canada Introduce a Public funded Child Care Program
  4. Should Quebec become Independent
  5. Are you enjoying this quiz so far
  6. You sure
  7. Okay, So this is Canadian, thats why it has non American parties
  8. Who was John Gilbert Layton
  9. Not much left, okay
  10. I would've made it alot better but this quiz isn't working that well. Sorry
  11. If you want a good website, go to. [no urls] Got it

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Quiz topic: Am I NDP, LPC, CPC, BQ, or GRN