Are You Narcissictic?

Are you vain, feel too much entitlement, are narcissistic, or controlling? If you suspect you are, or are just having fun, step right up! This is the quiz for you.

Are you vain? What about controlling or power-hungry? Do you feel entitled to things? In just a few minutes, you are going to find out. You may or my not like the answers, beware!

Created by: kmalfoi

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  1. Do you believe you're good-looking?
  2. Do you often get what you want?
  3. Does controlling people/getting them to do what you want come easily to you?
  4. What do you do when you don't get what you want?
  5. Would you make a good president?
  6. When someone of the opposite gender sees you, what do you think they think?
  7. Whenever someone of the same gender sees you, what do you think they think?
  8. To you like to be in charge/have power?
  9. Do you believe ugly people are less important than you?
  10. Do you believe people with no self-confidence are inferior to you?
  11. Do you believe poor people or powerless people are inferior to you?
  12. Do you believe you are entitled to nice things?
  13. Do you believe you deserve to be in charge?
  14. Are you entitled to respect?

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Quiz topic: Am I Narcissictic?