Are you musically talented?

Music is a big part in everyone's lives. Some just like listening to it sometimes, others dance to it, some play an instrument, and a select few compose the classics. These people are musical geniuses, seeing life in a musical way.

Are YOU a musical genius? Do you play an instrument, compose pieces that others marvel at, and life is an orchestra that never stops playing? Thanks to this quiz, you may be able to find out who you are, or at least, your potential.

Created by: Gil

  1. Do you play an instrument? (Whether you play one or more well makes no difference)
  2. Do you compose?
  3. Can you play by ear?
  4. If you do play by ear, how well do you do it?
  5. Do you like music?
  6. What is your favorite type of music?
  7. Do you like playing your instrument?
  8. When you watch a movie, play a game, listen to music, etc. do you listen to the music at an analytical level? (Notice what instruments are playing, their technique, etc.)
  9. If you compose, do you do it for movies or games that you or your friends make (or at the professional level?)
  10. When you read or when you think about a story, does music fill your head according to the situation that you think about?

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Quiz topic: Am I musically talented?